6 Best Casino Games for Beginners

Entering a casino can be a bit intimidating if you haven’t played many of the games — even more so if you are a first-timer. But when you visit a friendly and inviting place like the Blue Lake Casino, that feeling of unease comes not from the atmosphere, but from a slight unfamiliarity to casinos and the games they offer. Fortunately, there are several games that are very easy to learn, and playing them can help you feel acclimated so that you get more comfortable and feel emboldened to try new things and have a great time.

Some of the best casino games for beginners include:

Slot Machines

The slots are perhaps the easiest games to play in the whole casino. You really only need to put in your payment and hit the button (or pull the reel) and wait to see if you win. Slots can get more complicated if you add in progressive bets, but the end result is always the same: Hit the button and wait for the win (or loss). The only strategy is in how you want to bet.


Blackjack is one of the easiest card games to learn and play. Each player gets two cards, and they can hit or stand in an attempt to get a hand that adds up to 21, or as close as they can get to it without going over. The rules are simple, but there are numerous betting strategies that can keep play interesting as you become more experienced.


Roulette is another fun game of chance that beginners can play. You simply pick a number, and then the wheel spins and if the ball lands on that number, you win. If you want a lower stakes option with a better chance of winning, you can bet that the ball will land on a red or black slot, an odd or even number, or a number in a certain block.


The premise of craps is simple: Someone rolls a pair of dice and gets a number, and then they roll again to try to get the same number. If they roll a seven, they lose. Craps is great for beginners because they don’t have to take the hot seat and roll. They can enjoy the excitement from the sidelines, where they bet on the play.

Pai Gow Poker

A pai gow poker hand is split in two: One two-card hand and one five-card hand. The goal is to get both hands to beat the dealer’s hands. It’s a relatively easy game to learn, and there isn’t as much pressure around it as there can be in a traditional poker game.

Premium Hold ‘Em

Premium Hold ‘Em is like poker, but each player only has two cards, and they make the rest of their five-card hand from the shared cards that are face up in the middle of the table. The flexibility relieves some of the pressure that beginners can feel, and the possible winning hands are easy to learn.

At Blue Lake Casino, you can play any of these best casino games for beginners. If you ever have questions, the friendly staff are always ready to help you learn the rules and betting strategies so that you can make informed choices and have a great time. Visit us today to play these and other fun games!