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Blue Lake Casino & Hotel Privacy Policy

Now, more than ever, privacy is of the utmost importance. At Blue Lake Casino & Hotel, we are dedicated to protecting your privacy with the security measures we employ and through our commitment to keep your personal information confidential. We will not distribute any of your information to any person or entity without your express permission to do so. Furthermore, our technology department utilizes the most current and effective products available to keep all of our database information secure. We will inform you of any changes to our privacy and security policies as they may affect your personal information.

Blue Lake Casino & Hotel Security Policy

At Blue Lake Casino & Hotel, we take security very seriously. The security of our data is top priority. All servers at Blue Lake Casino & Hotel are configured to provide specific security rules. Our security team launches regular simulated hacker attacks to continually test the strength of our security procedures. Servers where data is stored are protected by multiple firewalls with internal and external access rules to prevent both internal and external attacks. We scan all incoming mail for viruses, virus-like activity and check for updated virus definitions nightly. All updates to network anti-virus references are immediately downloaded to employee PCs to protect from Internet downloads that bypass the mail server. Our data backup system also scans and cleans the entire network nightly prior to the backup running. We store backups offsite. Our policy is to enforce strong, hacker-resistant passwords, and we regularly launch dictionary attacks (looking for passwords that are made of common words) and brute force attacks (aaaaaaaa, aaaaaaab, aaaaaaac, etc.). If an employee’s password is cracked, that user account is suspended immediately, until the password is changed. Our Guests and Employees can feel safe that all available measures are being taken to protect their valuable data. This website may be linked to other sites. Blue Lake Casino & Hotel is not responsible for the security, privacy practices or content of those sites.

Cookies & Data Collection

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