Fuel Prices
Regular: $5.759
Plus: $5.879
Premium: $5.999
Diesel #2: $6.599

RV Parking

We Welcome RV Travelers!

You’ll feel right at home, whether it’s for a few hours or days. Plus, we consistently offer the lowest fuel prices on California’s Redwood Coast!!!

Here’s what we offer RV Travelers

  • Please check with the hotel for RV Parking rates by calling 877-252-2946 x2880.
  • Gas, Diesel, Propane (24/7), Dump Station, Air, Water & other services & supplies.
  • Lots of spacious and secure RV Parking – 24 hour camera & in-person security & surveillance.
  • 24/7 Food, Drinks & Entertainment at Blue Lake Fuel & Fun and Blue Lake Casino Hotel
  • The Blue Lake area is a scenic treasure located in the pastoral Mad River Valley. Get out your fishing pole!
  • Call us at 877-252-2946 x2880 for more info.
  • All ages welcome!